GALAXY WALL DESIGN SYSTEMS utilize color, light, and form to create an impressive atmosphere that transforms any environment.

GALAXY SYSTEMS are a custom dimensional wall surfacing system that work in multiples, creating a continuous, sculptural wall. Galaxy panels interlock to ensure accurate panel-to-panel alignment and superior joint stability. Repeating panels accommodate areas of any size and can be easily trimmed on-site. The 24"x24" panel size is designed for less waste in off-cuts, easier handling, less costly shipping, and less crating waste. We are dedicated to manufacturing of smart products.

Our GALAXY SYSTEMS are SIMPLE and DURABLE. Our quality panels are made of a foam / hard coat / gypsum / precision board / centra and concrete.


Panels - standard technical parameters:

  • width: 24"
  • length: 24"
  • thickness: from 2 to 4 inches
  • weight: 15 lbs
  • mounting system: Galaxy Wall Design magnetic mounting system
  • materials: foam/hard coat/gypsum/precision board/centra and concrete
  • The Ultimate in LED lighted, decorative wall features.